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We like to welcome you and your event to the Apartimentum.

We love crafting festivals and the art of the kitchen. Our work starts by planning and designing special occasions and finding a splendid celebration with culinary pleasures in the end. A promise that is fulfilled when every guest takes this event home as a personal experience.

The joy of always creating new things, perfect to the point. The perfect combination of tasks and procedures that make a team a harmonious organizational ensemble. The flair for individual desires and the ability to implement them tailor-made. The long-standing and trusting relationship with our partners who supply us or create great places to celebrate.

However, outstanding events define themselves not only about the ambience in which they take place or the quality of service and cuisine. It is a combination of many subtleties. Some of the only high-quality products, which are processed and refined in our kitchen.

Each feast is a moment that marks exceptional. For what it stands, decides who wants to celebrate it. How it is experienced also has to do with people, who in the background make sure that everything is combined to the successful overall event.

The Event Space

Event Space

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